Who’s Afraid of Talking about Political Rhetoric in High School?

I thought the 2016 presidential debates were embarrassing! After last week’s presidential debate, one of my junior students told her mom that we have much better debates in our classes. Nevertheless, there still are many pockets of excellence and signs that we can do better. Samuel J. Adams of The Dispatch points to data suggesting “that mostContinue reading “Who’s Afraid of Talking about Political Rhetoric in High School?”

Teaching about Better Arguments in a Fractured Republic: Reflections and Resources

About this time each year in my high school English courses, I get encouraged listening to my students engage in debate and discussion activities. Those lively discussions are one of the things I’ve missed most due to the stay-at-home restrictions. That got me thinking about resources that I’ve found most helpful for teaching students about good, bad, and ugly approaches to arguable topics.

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