About John Robert Reynolds

  • Long-time high school teacher in a beautiful, mountainous region of Colorado
  • Bachelor’s degree in English from Colorado State University
  • Master’s degree in literacy from Lesley University
  • Master of Arts and Ed.D. from Harrison Middleton University (Project focus on “Better Conversations about Effective Education with High School Students” with an emphasis on integrating classical, traditional, and contemporary educational resources through Shared Inquiry™)
  • 28th year of teaching several varieties of English courses
  • Many years of experience with different high school levels of English language arts and literacy instruction, ranging from remedial courses to Advanced Placement English and concurrent enrollment English teaching
  • Strong interests in liberal arts learning and ongoing experience with interdisciplinary teaching, Shared Inquiry™, complex and remedial literacy, the Question Formulation Technique™, academic and social-emotional learning integration, classical education, and inductive learning with the liberal arts
  • Diverse background of work experiences, including factory, farming, ranching, horse training, tourism and hospitality, computer, and academic work
  • Hobbies include Great Books reading and conversation, writing, philosophy, theology, history, coffee shop conversations, RC flight, guitar and mandolin, snowboarding, and miscellaneous tinkering.

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