Addendum #1: Helpful Links for COVID-19 Distance Learning and Teaching Strategies

Addendum: Five good links for helping you think through distance learning and teaching during the social distancing caused by COVID-19.

In my last post, I shared a few thoughts on my own scramble to adjust teaching and learning to serve my junior and senior English students and their families in our time of social distancing. The following links are proving especially helpful for getting focused and for filtering out the best attitudes, approaches, and resources for our current situation.

  1. College Board is providing excellent video instruction via their YouTubes on AP Online Classes and Review Sessions.
  2. Jennifer Gonzalez has curated some essential approaches to and resources for distance learning on her Cult of Pedagogy site with “Distance Learning: A Gently Curated Collection of Resources for Teachers.
  3. Dave Stuart Jr. wrestles with the good, bad, and ugly dimensions of the current crisis and rightfully reminds us to focus our intentions, resources, and efforts on long-term flourishing in “The Good News, the Bad News, and the “Start of A Solution for Keeping Distance Learning Simple.
  4. Angela Watson shares some essentials points about aiming for relationship while doing the distance strategies in “12 ways to connect with kids and prioritize relationships while teaching remotely
  5. Ken Sande’s Relational Wisdom 360 organization is offering its training courses free. Relational Wisdom “is the ability to discern emotions, interests and abilities in yourself and others, to interpret this information in the light of your personal values, and to use these insights to manage your responses and relationships constructively.” That sounds really helpful for any time, but especially now. I highly recommend the training for personal and professional growth. Come to think of it, the courses demonstrate some great distance learning strategies. Ken Sande’s Christian organization is faith-based but they offer both marketplace and faith-based versions of the training. It’s grounded in solid research and offers helpful application:

The COVID-19 crisis is rough, but it can push us to do the hard work of keeping our focus on the essentials of learning, loving, and living. These resources will likely be helpful to look back over after the crisis calms down.


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